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South African Officer Arrested For Attempting To Perform a Bester version trying to release Zimbabwean Millionaire Frank Buyanga From Prison


Alleged Attempted Jailbreak: South African Constable Arrested for Trying to Release Zimbabwean Businessman Frank Buyanga from Johannesburg Prison

In a shocking turn of events, a 34-year-old detective constable has been arrested for attempting to release Frank Buyanga, a wealthy Zimbabwean businessman, from jail in Johannesburg.

Frank Buyanga has been detained since November of last year on charges of kidnapping his own son and has been facing additional charges of immigration fraud, obstructing justice, and violating the Immigration Act.

South African Officer Arrested For Attempting To Break Zimbabwean Millionaire Frank Buyanga(Image Credit: ZimLive.com)
According to police spokesperson Katlego Mogale, the constable from Mondeor Detectives allegedly received a call from the Johannesburg Correctional Service on April 14, 2023, requesting to book out Buyanga for investigation.

However, upon arrival, it was discovered that the constable had no legitimate reason for attempting to release the accused. According to SABC News, the constable has been arrested and is now facing charges of defeating the ends of justice.

Frank Buyanga’s case has been highly contentious, with reports of him falling sick while in jail and allegations of him being prevented from seeing private doctors.

The wealthy real estate tycoon had previously been awarded custody of his son in a groundbreaking court ruling that granted equal custody rights to unmarried couples with children.

However, after his arrest in South Africa at the request of Zimbabwean authorities, he was initially refused bail but later secured it through an appeal.

Zimbabwean Millionaire Frank Buyanga Left to Die in South African Jail as Authorities Deny Him Medical Treatment
Since then, additional charges have been brought against Frank Buyanga, and he has been incarcerated at Sun City Prison. The latest twist in this high-profile case involving the Zimbabwean businessman has shocked many, raising questions about potential corruption and attempts to subvert justice.


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