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Nadia Nakai blasted for being a diva at Changamire awards


The Changamire festival awards did not end well after an alceration between the founder and Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai was in the country where she attended the Changamire festival and a few other events.

She expressed her anger on her Instagram story slamming the promoters for not providing food. In the post she ask her fans for uber eats or anything that could save the day.

She is a Zimbabwean-South African rapper, songwriter, actress and tv host.

Changamire host and founder has however come through to clear their name saying that she refused to take a single photo on the red carpet as people had paid for that service.

He also accused her of taking too much time doing her makeup jeopardising the time frame and program of the awards

A beitbridge businessman had this to say:

Do not despise days of humble beginnings. Changamire Awards chichiri chisvava… kana Grammies chaitombovawo chisvava. Sisi Nadia vaigona kuuya naPA wavo as well as make up artist wavo sa international artist. Haunganetsere food shuwa munhu mukuru saye.
Support yake to Zim Arts Industry must not come at a hefty price or cost our industry’s reputation. ZimBoy is trying to push the industry forward. She didn’t come for Changamire Awards only… ngavazvininipise Sisi Nadia. Uber Eats chiiko. isu zve drama tombozvida here isu


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