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MudiwaHood pledges to help Paradzai Messi


Mudiwahood has offered a kind gesture towards a fellow artist, Paradzai Messi. In an act of generosity, Mudiwa has pledged to help Messi with his groceries, a gesture that has warmed the hearts of many.

Paradzai Messi is one of the most renowned Sungura artists in Zimbabwe, known for his captivating performances and unique style. Despite his popularity, Messi has faced financial difficulties, and was recently caught stealing in a shop.

On his twitter Mudiwa wrote : I do not condone stealing, or any from of crime as a way to survive… UNACCEPTABLE …
But the human in me is saying when all investigations and processes are done by the police, and they clear him or fine him,I want to help mr Paradzai Mesi with groceries, compensate the victim too, owner of the shop. However my heart is on the kids kunyanya, if he has kids, i want to help them too…

Mudiwa’s gesture has received widespread praise from fans and fellow artists alike. Many have applauded him for his generosity and compassion, saying that his act of kindness is a reminder that artists should support each other, especially during difficult times.

Mudiwa’s act of kindness towards Paradzai Messi is a reminder of the importance of supporting each other, especially during difficult times. As the saying goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed,” and Mudiwa has shown that artists can be there for each other, not just in good times but also in bad. We should all learn from Mudiwa’s example and support our fellow artists, not just in Zimbabwe but around the world.


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