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Paradzai Mesi needs rehab, empowerment’


Events management expert, Wanisayi “Mahwindo” Mutandwa has called for the rehabilitation of Paradzai Mesi, following the Njerama Boys singer’s arrest for allegedly stealing groceries from a shop in Glendale last week.

In a social media post, Mutandwa said that Mesi’s behaviour showed the extent to which musicians needed help.

She called on promoters to assist Mesi and called on Alick Macheso to take a leading role.

Mesi was previously a household name in Zimbabwean music circles and is a talented musician who has been struggling with alcoholism and depression.

“Firstly, Paradzai Mesi’s act of stealing shows bow bad life has become four our musicians who can hardly afford to fend for their families.

“I am one person who is against stealing, but this should serve as a lesson to policy makers, especially arts regulatory organisations, that our artists need help.

“I challenge all the promoters who once worked with him to help him in his darkest hour,” she said.

Mahwindo pledged to use her influence to facilitate the rehabilitation of Mesi.

“What he needs at the moment is rehabilitation and work. I will definitely call the Deputy Minister of Health and Child and Care, John Mangwiro, to help us in rehabilitating Mesi.

“What he needs at the moment is to fight alcoholism as well as assistance to be a responsible man.

“He can only get this help if he is taken into rehabilitation.

She said food-wise, Mudiwa Hood had given him enough to last for months.

Unlike most people who believe he needs a change of environment, Mahwindo believes he can still reform in his farming town.

“To be honest, he can change in the farming area where he stays.

“Buying or building him a house in Harare is not a solution if he does not get the help he needs, which is rehabilitation.

“When talking about Paradzai Mesi we are talking about a great artist who once gave Alick Macheso stiff competition.

“He is not an ordinary artist by the way. He is a talented musician who is only fighting his demons in the form of alcoholism and depression otherwise he hasn’t lost his mind and talent which made him a household name at some point,” she said.

“I would like to challenge Macheso to help Paradzai Mesi.

“Macheso is the only biggest artist we look up to at the moment after the death of Oliver Mtukudzi.

“Macheso should realise that he is not only the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society ambassador, but also the Zimbabwean arts and cultural ambassador.

“The two might have their differences, but Macheso must act as a mature man and help a fellow brother who has fallen on hard times,” she said


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