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Woman shows off her three husbands


A Tanzanian woman identified as Nellie has caused an uproar in cyberspace after sharing photos with her three husbands.

Reports gathered that the polyandrist first married her brother-in-law after her first husband died in a car accident.

Shortly afterwards, she decided to have more men in her life and she subsequently married two other men.

They have been living together for years, and according to the proud wife, they have moved from being just couples to good friends.

It was also reported that the polyandrist provides for her three husbands, as they are all unemployed.

Photos of the couple have been trending online ever since the woman’s love story was shared.

The most fascinating part is that she bought all her three husbands cars, they all live in the same house and they all spend quality time with her.

Nellie is confident that her husbands can not cheat since they are happy and claims that she treats them equally.

They have all lived together for three years and the husbands say that this has resulted to them becoming bestfriends. Their respect for each other is what has made them live peacefully.


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