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Depressed Zimbabwean Man Takes Own Life Over Maintenance Battle: Heartbreaking Details Emerge


A heart-wrenching story has emerged out of Harare, Zimbabwe, where a man, Takemore Chakandinakira, allegedly took his own life after being dragged to Maintenance Court by his ex-wife, Nyadzisai Katenga, several times.

The Upward Variation Papers and a Tragic Suicide

According to reports, Takemore Chakandinakira committed suicide by drinking rat poison after being served with papers from his ex-wife Nyadzisai Katenga for an upward variation.

“What should I do now? The police confirmed that he killed himself using rat poison. He should have been here today. His girlfriend and relatives are blaming me saying I’m the one who dragged him to court and H-Metro published the stories. They are saying he committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the embarrassment,” Nyadzisai told the court.

The deceased had previously denied paternity of the second child when taken to court by Nyadzisai. He claimed that he had never slept with her, but magistrate Nyasha Marufu ordered him to pay $160 per month pending paternity tests.

On August 21, 2022, the two were back in court for an upward variation, and Nyadzisai accused Takemore of forging his pay slip and bank statements.

A close source, who was present in court, shared that “Whenever she came to court, she was always too dramatic. I was surprised that today she is this calm. I guess she is still processing the death of her ex.”

“Suicide is Never the Answer,” Say Family and Friends

The incident has left friends and family in a state of shock, with many expressing their dismay at the tragedy that has befallen Takemore and his loved ones. One close friend of the deceased, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “It’s really sad to see someone take their own life over such issues. Suicide is never the answer.”


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