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Drama in Cape Town when a heavily pregnant woman attacked her baby daddy’s main chick(Video)


According to reports, the pregnant woman, identified as Kelicia, is the side chick.
In videos that are trending online, the expecting mother visited V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and can be seen talking to the receptionist at the bespoke restaurant. She was clad in a red dress and high heels, and the way she had one hand on her waist showed she was in no mood for games.

From the reception, a waiter at the restaurant then led her to the sitting area to find her a table. As she walked, she noticed someone and promptly abandoned the waiter, pacing towards one table.

Kelicia got to the table where her baby daddy was sitting with his main girlfriend, a YouTuber identified as King Snow from her Instagram username.

The heavily pregnant woman reaches out for the glass of wine that King Snow is drinking from, pours it on the main chick, and a brawl ensues.

The high-heeled expecting woman started throwing punches at her baby daddy’s main girlfriend, who then got up to defend herself and threw blows back.

The restaurant waiters rushed to the table to separate the women and stop the catfight. They then dragged pregnant Kelecia out of the restaurant. Watch the drama below.

Social media users expressed mixed sentiments, criticising Kelia for putting her unborn baby in danger. Check out their comments below.


“Once you find yourself fighting for a man, you already lost???? she won. Just find yourself and get back on your feet without that man!! Why would you wanna win back a man that’s degrading your dignity????? you are the ultimate prize!!! Always.”


“Yoh Yoh pregnant and fighting with heels no uStrong usisi no way????????”


“The fact that she puts her unborn baby’s life in danger just says a lot about her shame.”


“She’s attacking the wrong person, though. If there’s anyone to be attacked, then it’s that boyfriend of hers.”


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