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Holy Ten’s mother requested paternity tests for Tariro’s baby


The drama between Zimbabwean rapper Holy Ten and his baby mama Tariro Chelsea Hlomayi has taken a new twist. It has since emerged that Holy Ten’s mother is the one who pushed for a DNA test on Tariro’s baby, Mufaro, to confirm his paternity.

According to sources close to the situation, Holy Ten’s mother was not convinced that Mufaro was her grandson, and she wanted to make sure that her son was not being duped by Tariro. She allegedly pressured Holy Ten to demand a DNA test from Tariro, who agreed to do it.

The DNA test results confirmed that Holy Ten was indeed the biological father of Mufaro, but that did not end the conflict between the two parties. Tariro accused Holy Ten of being a deadbeat dad who offered to pay only $150 as maintenance for their son, while he spent $250 on the DNA test.
Tariro took to social media to vent her frustration, calling Holy Ten the “stupidest person alive” and exposing his letter from his lawyers. She claimed that he was neglecting his responsibilities as a father, while he focused on his music career and his new wife Kimberly Richards.

Holy Ten, on the other hand, defended himself by saying that he was not formally employed and that his earnings varied from month to month. He said that he could guarantee $150 every month for Mufaro and that his music provided the means to buy diapers for him.

He also said that he had personal matters that required his attention and that he would be present in his son’s life after two months. He accused Tariro of being a clout chaser who wanted to tarnish his image and ruin his marriage.

The drama between Holy Ten and Tariro has sparked mixed reactions from fans and followers on social media. Some have sided with Tariro, saying that Holy Ten was being unfair and irresponsible. Others have sided with Holy Ten, saying that Tariro was being greedy and manipulative.


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