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Shadaya refuses to accept Olinda Chapel’s business offer


On Tuesday it was reported that Olinda Chapel asked Tawona Shadaya Knight to send her a business proposal in her email so she can sponsor him any business of his choice but the controversial social media influencer Shadaya has rejected Olinda Chapel’s offer.

Shadaya and Olinda hate each other’s guts so much that it looks like they secretly crush each other. The “Alpha” would even body shame Olinda days before she embarked on a weight loss journey. Despite the salvos from Shadaya, Olinda always had the perfect clap back for him. She never hesitated to stoop to his level and mop the floor with him.

Olinda threw the offer to Shadaya live on Instagram:

“Shadaya Tawona, I have a proposition for you. I want to sponsor you to start a business. I am serious. Inbox me your business proposal, and let’s talk.”

Shadaya did not take the time to respond to Olinda and refused to take the proposal. He claims Olinda has a habit of using and he will not allow himself to be used. He took to Twitter to respond and wrote:
“The biggest problem with this woman is she has never been around a man; she has changed one boy toy to another. Pathetic men who have no self-respect, who worship her, gave up their balls for some trinkets.

And now she thinks she can use her money to control every man, to be her loyal puppet. She gets her ego gassed up by bragging she takes care of men. It makes her wet humiliating these pathetic men under her sponsorship.

“But come on, sis, look very closely at your two dummies, then look at me. You’ll see the difference between a tamed zoo lion & a wild lion in the jungle. I’d rather eat from the bin than eat from your plate.”


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