BIZZARE; MALAWIAN MAN WHO TURNS TO BE A RAT BURNT TO ASHES. Video might be sensitive to some viewers!!


A Famous Malawi Business man has been burnt to ashes after he was caught stealing money in a rat form.

It is said that a man would turn himself into a rat, would find his way in peoples homes and shops where he could steal money and other valuables.

On a the material day, it is said that he turned into a rat and entered in another shop where he stole over K15,000.

But the man in a rat form could not make it out as the owner of the shop is believed to have been using black magic too.

At this point, a rat-man failed to transform back to his human form as they owner of the shop took advantage to burn the man in a rat form.

In the video, a rat is seen being burnt but screaming in a human voice.

Video might be disturbing to sensitive viewers.
Watch the video below


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