WATCH: Holy Ten’s Pre-Stage Humiliation Leaves Enzo Ishall in Stitches


Holy Ten’s fans have taken to social media streets to applaud the musician and express their feelings after the artist was treated like a child whilst performing on a stage alongside Enzo Ishal recently.

In the video you could see a woman stopping him from going on stage twice, the facial impressions on the musician’s face show he did not like the way he was treated but decided to be professional.

Watch the video below

The woman seen stopping him from going to the stage has been bashed by his fans citing that it was very inappropriate and she should be respectful in the future. Check out the comments below

Caryn Mundembe
Ini I’m not a fan ra Holy Ten, I don’t like him,but moms avo zvavakaita zviri wrong ????

I don’t like HT but that was bad and humiliating
Let’s not treat our artist that way Noo ????????ra mourns the death of her sister
1 day ago
Diana Elisha Nheera
·???????????????????? he was very cool with her… *applaud*
Tough situation! Is she really the promoter? ????

Phyllis Amy Weston
·Mai avo zvavaita zvinokavisa ne bhutsu…. He kept calm zvandada hangu pamwe vane hukama nekuti zvorovesa izvo.Lear


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