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Catch Me If You Can: Wanted South African Fugitive Shepherd Bushiri Set To Light Up Zimbabwe


Renowned Malawian preacher Shepherd Bushiri, wanted by South African authorities on charges of fraud and money laundering, is now bound for Zimbabwe to lead a grand national service.

The allegations stem from his involvement in a deceitful investment scheme that cunningly swindled unsuspecting individuals out of an astonishing sum of over R100 million.

Adding to his mounting troubles, this charismatic cleric is also wanted on charges of rape. The disturbing revelation surfaced in June 2018 when a distraught father discovered that Bushiri had allegedly sexually assaulted his teenage daughters.

In a cunning move, Shepherd Bushiri managed to evade South African authorities by slipping away from the country in November 2020.

His hasty departure came shortly after he and his wife, Mary, were granted bail by the Pretoria magistrate’s court, albeit at a substantial price tag of R200,000 each. The charges against them revolved around the same fraudulent activities and money laundering scandal that had ensnared their names.

Shepherd Bushiri Set To Grace Zimbabwe

Now, Major 1 is set to grace Zimbabwe with his presence, promising a spectacle of spiritual significance. On the 27th of May, an extravagant event will unfold at Harare’s prestigious City Sports Centre, as advertised on a captivating poster.

The charismatic Shepherd Bushiri will be accompanied by a notable lineup of revered pastors and apostles. Pastors Swazi, Tsipo Maguma, and Apostles Praise Peterson and Nelson Msawoya are eagerly anticipated to grace the occasion with their esteemed presence.

Furthermore, the enigmatic Prophet Justice Haka will contribute his prophetic abilities to assist the leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church during the service, ensuring a captivating display of spirituality that is bound to leave attendees in awe.

Major 1 Scores Victory In Extradition Case

In February of this year, the high court in Lilongwe ruled that South African witnesses in Shepherd Bushiri’s extradition case must travel to Malawi and provide their testimonies in person.

This high court ruling overturned a previous decision that allowed witnesses to testify before a South African court, with the testimonies then being sent to Malawi.

However, the recent ruling by the high court on Monday determined that there were no circumstances that necessitated appearing before a South African court.

The judgment only requires officials, not witnesses in sexual assault allegations, to testify.

“In my judgment, therefore, protection of the sexual offenses witnesses from being exposed to trauma and embarrassment when they come to Malawi, does not arise. They will not come to Malawi, nor will other witnesses at the impending trial,” reads the judgment.


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