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Unleashing the Grey Bandits: President Mnangagwa’s Move to Set Elderly Child Rapists


Unleashing the Grey Bandits: President Mnangagwa’s Move to Set Elderly Child Rapists Free Explained

Amid a social media storm that swept the nation, the Ministry of Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs has finally lifted the lid on President Mnangagwa’s decision to release elderly men convicted of horrifying crimes, including child rape.

The explosive revelation comes as a direct response to the viral videos that set the internet ablaze, showcasing these once-jailed offenders, now sporting smug, self-satisfied grins, boasting about their prematurely shortened sentences.

The public outcry that ensued was thunderous, with Zimbabweans from all corners expressing deep-seated concerns. Many argued vehemently that setting these perpetrators free would only serve to deepen the wounds of the victims and their families, tantamount to an unforgivable travesty of justice.

Once A Crook, Always A Crook: Notorious Thief Back in Jail Just Hours After Being Released On Presidential Pardon
President Mnangagwa Released Elderly Child Rapists Based On Age

Yet, the truth has finally emerged from the shadows. The prisoners’ release was solely based on one criterion: age. This esteemed publication obtained a copy of an Extraordinary Gazette, wherein President Mnangagwa granted amnesty to convicts above the age of 60, regardless of the gravity of their crimes, as long as they had completed a mere fraction—just one-tenth—of their assigned jail time.

However, this clemency did not extend to those condemned to death, facing life imprisonment, or convicted for acts of public violence.

“Full remission of the remaining period of imprisonment for all prisoners aged sixty (60) years and above, and who would have served one tenth (1/10) of their sentence by 18th April. 2023 regardless of offence committed and save for those sentenced to life imprisonment, death and those convicted for public violence,” a portion of the Extraordinary Gazette stated.

Some fortunate souls were also granted freedom on medical or disability grounds. The prisoners were released in
terms of section 112 (1) (a) and (d) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

A staggering total of 4,270 prison inmates received amnesty from President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of the upcoming general elections.

The development is welcomed because it decongests Zimbabwe’s overcrowded prisons.

On Zimbabwe’s independence day last month, the president announced his intention to pardon individuals convicted of minor offences.

Zimbabwe’s most recent prisoner amnesty occurred in 2020 when the president recognized the urgent need to ease prison congestion amid the global COVID-19 pandemic


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