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Harare cement scammer charged with 124 fraud counts


A Harare dealer who made headlines this year after allegedly duping dozens of unsuspecting victims of over US$290,000 in a fake cement deal, appeared in court Friday charged with 124 fraud counts.

Tinashe Zimunya, 27, appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje jointly charged with his company Koffie N King Corporation.

His alleged accomplice and relative, Andi Baleni is on the run.

Zimunya is also facing five more fraud counts and money laundering in a separate matter.

In this case, he is being charged with Marry Zimunya who was remanded out of custody on ZW$100,000 bail.

Tinashe Zimunya was remanded in custody after his bail application was opposed.

According to the State, Zimunya created a company called Koffie and King Corporation based in Harare.

It is alleged that the suspects then placed adverts on social media platforms and radio claiming they were selling Superset Cement from prices ranging from US$7.50 to US$7.80 per 50kgs.

“This resulted in several people flocking to make payments on the pretext that they would receive the cement within seven days.

“However, Baleni and Zimunya disappeared with their money; over US$291,307 and ZW$41,000,000.

“Pursuant to their plan, the accused delivered to few customers thereby making other unsuspecting customers to believe that the transactions were genuine.

“Various unsuspecting complainants made different payments and they were issued receipts with a company logo.

“The complainants were given different dates of collection,” the State alleges.

Court heard complainants made follow ups on promised collection dates but were met with different excuses.

The two then stopped operations and proceeded to switch off their cell phones.

“The accused persons went into hibernation without giving their customers their operational position and never supplied the products to the complainants nor did they refund them,” prosecutors say.


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