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Paradzai Mesi Spits in Mudiwa’s Face – Requests To Be Made Minister of Alcohol!


Sungura Virtuoso Paradzai Mesi fearlessly proclaims that he won’t be laying off the booze until breweries like Delta Beverages are shut down for good.

The irony is hard to overlook, considering that the lead singer of Njerema Boys found himself in a predicament due to his own battle with the bottle.

Mesi became the laughingstock of social media after he was apprehended for allegedly swiping items from a local tuckshop in his former Concession neighbourhood.

Fortunately, the truth emerged, revealing that Paradzai Mesi hadn’t stolen a single thing. Instead, he had fallen into a clever trap while under the influence of alcohol.

On that ill-fated night, Mesi had been out carousing with his pals, and his ability to walk a straight line was severely compromised.

Encountering three acquaintances who appeared to be lending a helping hand, they deceitfully convinced him that he had safely arrived home. Little did he know that they had left him sprawled on the shop floor of a store.

Paradzai Mesi Spits in Mudiwa's Face - Requests To Be Made Minister of Alcohol!
 Paradzai Mesi Spits in Mudiwa’s Face – Requests To Be Made Minister of Alcohol!

It was at this precise moment that the shop owner arrived, accusing Mesi of attempting theft. The police were summoned, and Mesi found himself in custody.

Fortunately for Paradzai Mesi, his name was eventually cleared, and he found a guardian angel in the form of entrepreneur and musician Mudiwa.

Mudiwa Hood graciously offered his support by outfitting the Sungura artist with stylish attire from his upscale boutique and even joined him on a lavish grocery shopping spree.

But Mudiwa didn’t stop there. He went the extra mile and secured a rented residence for Paradzai Mesi in Seke, Chitungwiza, generously covering the rent for the entire year.

Paradzai Mesi Requests To Be Made Minister of Alcohol:

During an interview with Kwayedza, Paradzai Mesi declared that he had no plans to relinquish his beer bottle anytime soon.

Instead, he expressed his desire to be appointed as the Minister of Alcohol, as he cannot abandon the joys of the spirited elixir.

“Dai zvangu ndaitwa Minister of Alcohol nekuti handigone kusiyana nedoro, ndinoti kuti ndirege doro vanoribika ngavatange vavhara. Iwe chaiye Mapupu (munyori uno) pamwe kuti uende kuchikoro amai vako vanogona kunge vaitobika kachasu nekudaro dai pasina doro iroro, iwe ungadai usina kuenda kuchikoro,” Mesi told the publication.


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