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Watch: Living the Bachelor Life in Dubai: Khanyi Mbau’s Zimbabwean Ex-Boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga Spotted Cruising with Another New Babe


In a series of Instagram Live videos that sent social media abuzz, wealthy Zimbabwean businessman Kudzai Mushonga was seen living the bachelor life in Dubai alongside another new stunning mystery woman.

Kudzai Mushonga who recently broke up with South African actress Khanyi Mbau was spotted cruising in Dubai in a Rolls Royce with another new babe.

During his Instagram Live session, Mushonga provided a tantalizing glimpse into his current escapades, as he was seen cruising around in his luxurious Rolls Royce with an unidentified woman by his side.

The pair seemed to be relishing the moment, with the mysterious woman even suggesting they stop for some ice cream. As the video concluded, Mushonga’s online followers eagerly flocked to the comment section, inquiring about Khanyi Mbau’s whereabouts, who had been his previous partner.

While the identity of the captivating woman remains undisclosed, her presence has ignited further speculation and curiosity among Mushonga’s followers. The allure of Mushonga’s lavish lifestyle and his association with glamorous personalities continue to captivate the online community.

‘I’m Getting Arab Baddies’: Khanyi Mbau’s Zimbabwean Ex-Boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga Gloats As Mixup Lands Him Instagram Hottie
This comes barely a week, after Kudzai Mushonga gleefully gloated about his newfound connection with his new “chosen girlfriend” and his encounter with baddies at Cloud22.

Now I’m experiencing an episode of Married at First Sight with baddies that hang out at Cloud22. Cloud22, you can’t access it if you’re not staying in the Royale Atlantis,” reads part of his Instagram Stories posts.

Meanwhile, during his Instagram Live session, Kudzai Mushonga also teased his online followers with plans of an extravagant party in the works. He hinted at an exclusive guest list, urging attendees to dress to the nines.

Promising a lavish experience, Mushonga shared that his esteemed guests would be accommodated in top-tier hotels and chauffeured in luxury vehicles upon their arrival at the airport.


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