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Trouble for Budiriro woman(19) who pinned girl(14) and forced her to sleep with hubby(21)


In a deeply disturbing incident, a woman from Budiriro stands accused of facilitating the rape of her 14-year-old landlord’s daughter on Africa Day. The shocking act allegedly unfolded as Tamari Hurekure, 19, is said to have actively encouraged and participated in the assault committed by her husband, Patrick Maravanyika, 21.

According to reports, the harrowing incident occurred at the residence of Patrick’s friend, Peter Gundu, where the young girl was forcibly held against her will for a distressing three-day period. It was not until the concerned father contacted Tamari to inquire about his daughter’s whereabouts that the truth began to unravel.

The girl’s father shared his account, stating that on May 25, at approximately 8 a.m., his daughter accompanied Tamari to the Budiriro 1 Shopping Centre to sell second-hand shoes. Later that evening, Patrick arranged for a vehicle to transport his wife and the young girl to Budiriro CABS, ostensibly for a church service. However, instead of heading to the place of worship, they veered off course and arrived at an undisclosed address in Budiriro CABS, specifically at Peter Gundu’s residence, who was absent at the time.

It was there, in the presence of Tamari, that Patrick allegedly coerced the young girl into engaging in sexual intercourse. Tamari reportedly urged and facilitated the act, holding the girl’s hands while her husband perpetrated the rape without using any form of protection. This deeply disturbing collaboration between Tamari and Patrick subjected the innocent victim to unimaginable trauma.

The girl’s father discovered the horrific truth when he contacted Tamari, questioning the whereabouts of his daughter. In response, on May 28 at around 8 a.m., Tamari sent the girl home in the company of another individual named Solomon. It was during this journey that the girl bravely revealed the appalling ordeal to her father, prompting him to immediately report the matter to the police.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the arrests of Patrick and Tamari, while the young victim received medical attention at the Family Support Clinic.

It is of utmost importance that law enforcement authorities pursue Tamari, who is currently evading capture, to ensure that justice is served for the heinous crimes committed against this vulnerable young girl


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