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11 year old girl watched in horror as her mother, gushing blood in her head, lost her life,hubby com.. read more


The young girl traumatically witnessed her mother slipping away, in a battle for survival, an image that she is battling to erase.

Netsai Bhasanwa (50) was struck on the head by her husband, Simon Pwiti (42) over suspicion of infidelity.

“Pwiti came to knock on our door while we were sleeping. He just said his wife had died. Initially I thought that she had died due to blood pressure because she had complained. When I opened the door I saw her head bleeding, then I panicked and called everyone,” said an eye witness Patricia Simango.

The Ramahora compound could not fathom how Simon callously murdered his wife.

In their rugged thatched house in the middle of a small compound, met her fate after being suspected of an extra marital affair with a neighbour only identified as Gunners.

A scuffle between the two ensued leaving Bhasanwa bleeding to death in the presence of her 11 year old daughter.

“I knew that the husband had a hand in killing Bhasanwa. They were numerous times they had arguments and I was the one who would mediate. The husband was insecure probably due to their age difference,” added Simango.

Trapped in guilt and hiding from shame, Pwiti fled from the crime scene, disappearing in the dark.


He lifeless body was later discovered along Mvurwi road in what is believed to be suicide, with many suggesting he might have thrown himself onto a moving vehicle.

“I received a call from neighbours requesting assistance. When I was making my way to the house I saw a man lying on the road. I called men in the area. To my surprise it was Simon, struggling to breathe and fighting for his life.” said headman Jinga Potai.


The incident is among rising cases of murder emanating from domestic disputes.

Recently in a statement Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) expressed concern over the increase in similar cases.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with the number of murder cases being recorded throughout the country on a weekly basis. Most of these cases are mainly attributed to domestic violence arising from accusations of infidelity on the part of couples.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the public to value the sanctity of human life and resolve differences amicably without resorting to violence. We urge couples to seek counseling from local Police Stations, traditional leaders and church elders to find peaceful ways of resolving differences,” said ZRP


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