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Everything You Need To Know About Sweden’s First Tlof Tlof Tournament: How To Watch For Free, Categories, Venue, Participants


Prepare for the most daring and groundbreaking event yet as Sweden takes the lead in embracing sex as an officially recognized sport. Get ready to witness the inaugural European Sex Championship, a thrilling showcase of passion and athleticism.

Under the esteemed guidance of the Swedish Sex Federation, this unprecedented competition will span six exhilarating weeks. Participants from various countries will unleash their skills in an enticing array of 16 disciplines, encompassing seduction, oral prowess, penetration expertise, and more.


As the countdown begins for this groundbreaking six-week contest, the Swedish Sex Federation aims to establish sex as a celebrated and esteemed athletic pursuit.

Here’s all you need to know about the highly anticipated European Sex Championship:


Gothenburg, Sweden, will host the world’s first-ever sex tournament.


Representing Britain, adult actress Barbie Sins, 31, will go head-to-head against 19 competitors hailing from Romania, Greece, Finland, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Italy, France, Slovenia, and Ukraine, all vying for the ultimate prize.

How To Watch Sweden’s First Sex Tournament


The European Championship in Sex, organized by the Swedish Sex Federation, will kick off on June 8, 2023. Tune in to the live broadcast on the website www.livesexhouse.com. For one to be able to watch the European Championship in Sex they must be at least 18 years of age. The website asks you to confirm your age, other than that there is nothing else required in terms of documentation to verify if indeed you are 18 years of age.

Who Will Cover Costs For Participants

The Swedish Sex Federation will cover all expenses for the contestants. While specifics are undisclosed, accommodations and food are presumed to be provided.

How To Participate In Sweden’s Sex Competition

If you’re keen to participate in the first-ever sex competition, simply apply via email to info@swedishsexfederation.com.

What Will Be Considered For One To Win The Tournament


An esteemed panel of five experts will judge contestants based on their communication, endurance, chemistry, and sex education. Monitored heart rates and blood pressure will also play a role in evaluation, alongside a public vote from the live stream audience.

Participants must accumulate enough points to progress through three levels and avoid elimination, with scores ranging between five and ten.

How Long Will One Match Be

Each day, participants will engage in sexual activities lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the match or activity. While durations may vary, reports suggest that some competitions could last up to an astounding six hours per day.


According to reports, participants will be assessed across a range of 16 disciplines, encompassing oral sex, seduction, penetration, endurance, number of orgasms, knowledge about sex, chemistry, communication between partners, and overall appearance.


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