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Watch Brutal Attack: Tallyn Ndudzo Punched Olinda Chapel On The Mouth in a Shocking Encounter


Dramatic Encounter: Olinda Chapel’s Meeting Turns Violent as Tallyn Ndudzo Launches Attack

In a dramatic and unsettling development, UK-based socialite Olinda Chapel-Nkomo was left nursing her wounds after Tallyn Ndudzo physically and verbally assaulted her.

Olinda Chapel took to Facebook to share a distressing account of an alleged attack by Tallyn Ndudzo, raising eyebrows and sparking widespread concern.

The incident reportedly occurred during a scheduled meeting with promoters and escalated into a shocking altercation.

According to Olinda Chapel’s statement, the meeting was arranged with promoters who were bringing Zari for an upcoming event.

Due to the promoters’ delayed arrival, Olinda Chapel checked into a hotel while waiting for them, unaware of the events that would unfold. With her phone set to Do Not Disturb mode, she missed several notifications until receiving an urgent call from Sean, alerting her that people were searching for her.

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Upon arriving at the meeting,Olinda Chapel was taken aback to find Ndudzo already seated at the table. Inquiring about Tallyn Ndudzo’s presence and her alleged representation of WorldRemit, Chapel grew infuriated, citing a history of dishonesty during her pregnancy. Refusing to engage in business with Tallyn Ndudzo, Olinda Chapel declined to sit at the same table.

According to Olinda Chapel’s account, Tallyn Ndudzo, apparently under the influence of alcohol, became increasingly aggressive. Two men intervened, preventing her from physically assaulting Olinda Chapel, but Tallyn Ndudzo persisted, relentlessly pursuing Chapel and launching a punch at her mouth, resulting in bleeding gums and bruising. Ndudzo also attempted to grab Chapel’s wrist, causing further injury.

Law enforcement authorities were promptly notified and arrived at the scene. CCTV footage captured the incident, allegedly showing Tallyn Ndudzo attempting to seize knives and bottles. Throughout the encounter, Tallyn Ndudzo was recorded shouting derogatory insults and making baseless accusations against Olinda Chapel, including claims of spreading HIV and engaging in relationships with various artists.

In response to the assault, Olinda Chapel has filed a report with the police, leading to the opening of a case against Tallyn Ndudzo. Olinda Chapel has documented her injuries and sought legal representation to address the incident. Additionally, Olinda Chapel has raised concerns of disability discrimination

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