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Prophet Solomon Gwash Predicts Miscarriage for Holy Ten’s Wife


A Zimbabwean prophet, Solomon Gwash, who is popular for his controversial prophecies, has made another shocking prediction about the rapper Holy Ten and his pregnant wife. Gwash claims that he has seen a spirit of witchcraft trying to snatch away their unborn child and that they need to pray urgently to avoid a miscarriage.

“Mujaya ngaanamatire mudzimai wake, ndaona pasimuka mweya weshaisano kuti pasabatwa chipo mumaoko. Munovengerei vana vasina chavatadza?” he said. (Mujaya should pray for his wife, I saw a spirit of envy rising up to take away their gift in their hands. Why do you curse children who have done nothing wrong?)

Gwash, who is the founder of Shoreline Ministries International, posted his prophecy on his Facebook page¹, where he has over 2,000 followers. He is known for his accuracy in prophesying about people’s lives and events that are to come³. He recently made headlines when he predicted the death of another popular musician, Winky D²⁴, which was later dismissed by another prophet, Mellontik Orasi.
Holy Ten, whose real name is Mukudzei Chitsama, is one of the most celebrated rappers in Zimbabwe. He rose to fame with his hit songs such as Ndaremerwa, Musazvituma and RISKY LIFE. He announced that he was expecting a child with his wife on his Instagram page recently.

The rapper has not yet responded to Gwash’s prophecy, but his fans have expressed their support and prayers for him and his wife. Some have also questioned the credibility of Gwash and his motives for making such a prophecy.

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