Home Africa News Justice Served: Tapiwa Makore’s Killers Convicted for Brutal Ritual Murder..read more

Justice Served: Tapiwa Makore’s Killers Convicted for Brutal Ritual Murder..read more


Tapiwa Makore’s Killers Found Guilty: Nation Rejoices as Tapiwa Makore Snr and Tafadzwa Shamba Convicted of Brutal Murder!

In a landmark verdict that has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, Tapiwa Makore Snr and Tafadzwa Shamba, the accused in the brutal murder of seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore Jr, have been found guilty. The long-awaited judgment, delivered by Justice Munamato Mutevedzi, the presiding judge, has brought a sense of relief and closure to the grieving family and the entire community.

Gruesome Details of Ritualistic Killing Revealed

The trial uncovered the gruesome details of the ritualistic killing that rocked the nation. Tafadzwa Shamba, the prime suspect, and Tapiwa Makore Snr, the late boy’s uncle, were accused of drugging, killing, and mutilating young Tapiwa for ritual purposes, with the intention of benefiting Tapiwa Snr’s cabbage business.

Claims of Coercion Debunked

During the trial, Shamba had claimed that the police coerced him into providing evidence, leading to a separate trial within the trial. However, the investigating officer and another police officer refuted these claims, stating that Shamba’s indications were given freely and voluntarily.

Chilling Testimonies Paint a Disturbing Picture

The court heard how Shamba and Tapiwa Snr had intoxicated the boy with alcohol before dismembering his body. Shamba testified that they had followed Tapiwa Snr’s instructions completely. He described how Tapiwa Snr had held a torch to provide light while he cut the boy’s body, and they disposed of the remains in different locations.

Verdict Upholds Admissibility of Evidence

Despite Shamba’s claims of coercion, the court ruled that the indications provided by him were admissible as evidence in the trial. The judge emphasized that Shamba had confessed freely and voluntarily, dismissing any suggestions of police misconduct.

Relief and Hope for the Community

The verdict has brought a sense of closure and relief to the community, who had been following the trial closely. The nation rejoices at the fact that justice has been served for young Tapiwa Makore Jr, whose innocent life was tragically cut short in a heinous act.

Looking Ahead to Sentencing

As the community begins the healing process, the conviction of Tapiwa Makore Snr and Tafadzwa Shamba stands as a stark reminder that no crime will go unpunished. The brutal murder of Tapiwa Makore Jr will forever be etched in the nation’s memory, but this verdict brings a glimmer of hope that justice can prevail in the face of darkness.

The sentencing phase of the trial will be carried out on 12 July 2023, where the convicted murderers will face the consequences of their horrendous actions. The nation stands united, hoping that the punishment will be commensurate with the gravity of their crimes


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