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THE BOY WAS MINE…Woman insists Jah Prayzah was childhood sweetheart…She says she now regrets ‘rejecting’ marriage proposal


A SUNNINGDALE woman, Julie Nyakodzi (38), insists she had a relationship with Jah Prayzah and regrets it didn’t evolve into marriage.

Nyakodzi has been thrust into the spotlight since she told a Harare magistrate, earlier this week, that the music superstar was her former boyfriend.

Her comments, which were made in court, have provoked a tsunami of criticism, aimed at her, from many who have dismissed her as someone seeking attention.

They have claimed she abused the musician’s profile to try and win herself some headlines in the media.

She has been feeling the heat since the comments she made in court were published by H-Metro.

Yesterday, Julie came to the H-Metro offices and insisted that she had a beautiful childhood romance with Jah Prayzah during their youthful days and what she said in court was not fantasy.

She even claimed that he proposed to her several years ago but she rejected it because he wanted her to live with his mother in Murehwa.

Efforts to contact Jah Prayzah, and his camp, were fruitless as their cellphones continuously rang unanswered.

However, she said she now regrets her decision to turn down the marriage proposal.

Julies said she was engaged and will soon get married but she just wanted to put the record straight.

“I know Jah Prayzah from a very long time.

“He told me that he wanted to marry me, but I had to live with his mother in Murehwa, and I declined.

“I did not know he would be this successful when I declined his proposal, but he told me that I would regret my decision.”

Julie said she realised in 2016 that she had made a mistake to turn down his marriage proposal.

“I realised that I should have married him. I went to his office and talked to his colleague, who is now my friend, Simbarashe Mhungu.

“Unfortunately, I could not see JP on the day, and he advised that I come the following Sunday, but I couldn’t because I had to go to church.”

She said when she learnt that he was married, she decided to step back.

“I decided to move on after getting to know that he was married.

“He, however, wanted to pay my bills when I fell ill, but my relatives intervened,” she said.

Julie said the story, which was published in this newspaper this week, was likely to affect her relationship with her boyfriend, who intends to marry her.

“I am engaged and this will affect my relationship.

“My relatives are also not taking it well since they told me to leave the musician alone.

“I did not expect this to blow up. I thought the issue would just end in court,” she said.


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