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Watch:Madam Boss Gives Birth to Second Child: Unveils Adorable Photos of New Baby


In a thrilling twist of fate, the renowned social media influencer, Madam Boss, has joyfully welcomed a new member into her family.

With great excitement, Madam Boss took to her official Facebook page on Wednesday to share the delightful news with her loyal fans. She expressed her elation, revealing that she had given birth to her second child.

The celebrated comedian shared that the birth of her second daughter occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, adding an air of wonder and anticipation to the occasion.

Throughout her pregnancy journey, the versatile social media influencer diligently kept her followers informed, and she graciously acknowledged their unwavering support and affection.

“We have been together in this journey!
Dzabu came early in the morning today!
Thank you for your love,” announced Madam Boss to her devoted Facebook followers.

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Amidst the jubilation, Madam Boss delightedly shared the first snapshots of her newborn daughter, whom she playfully named Dzabu.

Within the comments section, an outpouring of love and adoration awaited Madam Boss, as she announced the birth of her second daughter alongside her husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa.

Here are a few heartwarming comments:

VimZee Zimuto:

Ndine zimufaro kunge Wangu mufunge, Mwana wedu. Makorokoto Madam Boss God is good. May Dzabu grow with grace.

Tete Munyaradzi Charamba Nyakudya:

Wow wow wow. Ulululululuuu,congratulations Madam Boss .This God is faithful chokwadi. We are so happy for you. May God protect you and your children and may He give you wisdom to be a good steward.We also pray for speedy recovery ❤️.

Prophetes Phammy Deborah:

That’s awesome! Congratulations!welcome I’m so happy may God protect dzabu wedu . Mwari ropafadzaiwo everyone arikudawo kubata mwana zuva rakadai rakakosha kuna Amai vose. ????????

Bennardate Karonde:

Congratulations ????????????Mamie am happy for you. Well come to the world Dzabu

See the first picture of Madam Boss’ newborn child below:


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