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Wicknell Chivayo Leaks Photos Of Pokello With Mnangagwa’s Son


Wicknell Chivayo is headed for trouble after allegedly leaking photos of socialite Pokello Nare With Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr. who is a married man.

The scandal somehow confirms the rumours that the two have been dating for a while

  • president’s son is currently married to Leya Mnangagwa and he once denied the rumour but the recently leaked images have ignited a storm of public interest and curiosity.

Former President’s son Chatunga Mugabe says that Wicknell’s decision to post these images is tantamount to inviting trouble. Posting on his social media he said;

“Wicknell zi snitch richammiswa (he will be beaten up) ????????”.


Temba Mliswa once castigated Emmerson Junior about his affair with socialite Pokello Nare. Emmerson Junior reportedly bought Pokello a Range Rover 2020 last year and keeps pouring money into her struggling shoe business

Mliswa Said:

“Mliswa is heard talking, “Hi Son how are you? I think we must be men you boys have grown up. I do not want to gossip. I do not want you to drag the office of the president and first lady into disrepute. I have tried to talk to you but you do not listen to me. I’m your uncle and I cannot be bribed by money. I hear a lot of things. You listen to people who give you money and some people who are benefiting were not there when the struggle started. The story of Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior and Pokello is now being talked about. It pains me you do not even strategize to make sure that the President remains in office. If the Pokello story is not true why are you not making a statement? You guys are married no one forced you to be married. Why does he not make a statement that Emmerson Junior is not involved in Pokello he should come out and deny it. If you cannot cheat properly then do not do that. Do not hurt other people’s daughters. If you are working with Chief, if he has repented tell me that he has changed. The system did not like him. He was not doing well. He will create problems for you. Chief was involved in many things. I warned you and told your mother. If you are in trouble it is us who run around and I’m still running around. We do not want these things to continue. The office of the President must be respected. Emmerson must face me I’m not gossiping. Even if you hate me at least I speak the truth. I talk to the girls I do not discriminate against anyone.”


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