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Woman claims prophet lured her into satanism


Recovering Woman Shares Personal Journey of Overcoming Past Involvement with Satanism

A 25-year-old woman has sensationally claimed that she was lured by a self-styled prophet into a second marriage and ended up being initiated into satanism.
Rumbidzai Hakurekwi, of Mutasa District in Manicaland, told H-Metro that she was convinced by a Marondera-based self-styled prophet, only identified as Madzibaba Admire, that her misfortunes were going to disappear if she became his second wife.

Rumbidzai accepted and was taken to a shrine in South Africa where she was allegedly made to drink human blood as part of the initiation.

“My life is now miserable following what I went through at the hands of Madzibaba Admire,” said Rumbidzai.

“I was led to his shrine in Marondera for cleansing, but the prayers ended in adultery.

“Ndakanzi zviripauri zvinotongopera chete nekuroorwa nemunhu wemweya kusvika ndabvuma.
“Ndakabva ndaendeswa kuSouth Africa kwandakanonwiswa ropa nekuendeswa pasi pemvura.

“From that time, I began to live a life that I couldn’t understand, and did evil things to my neighbours and relatives.”

She added: “At one night I was subjected to sexual assault by several men at a shrine.


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