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Olinda And Stunner Wear Matching Outfits, Evoke Romance Rumours


Gucci Gang Reunion: Olinda and Stunner Spark Romance Rumours with Matching Outfits

It seems like the drama never ends for socialite Olinda Chapel, who recently announced that she had ended her marriage with musician Tytan Nkomo before reneging on her post.

From Wedding Bells To Heartbreaking Farewells: Olinda Chapel’s Shocking Decision To End Her Marriage With Tytan Nkomo
But wait, there’s more!

A few weeks after her drama, Olinda posted a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a Gucci dress with a caption that read: “Horaiti kwacho.”

But what caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans was not her perfect face or her dress but the fact that her ex-husband, rapper Stunner, had posted a picture of himself wearing checkered Gucci shorts the previous day.

Coincidence? We think not!

Social media users quickly connected the dots and assumed that the two former lovers could be chowing each other. Some even suggested that Olinda and Stunner were wearing the same Gucci outfit, implying that they had spent the night together.

Zimbos Tickled Online

Check out some of the hilarious responses below.


“Hooooo tiri ku assumer ????️ kuti imi muri ku %\£€\<|£|\¥ .. anyway.. Mdara Dziva and Olinda outfits on point ????????”

Lord Humble:

“Mamechanisa nemaShark maDaddy forever????”

Foreign Hubby:

“Olinda should open an orphanage ???????????? inenge ichigara stunner na Tytan ????????????”


“Mental health ya Tytan hamuna kana basa nayo????????????”


“The fact that Olinda akaslimmer coz Stunner once said he can’t be “the rapper with the biggest girl in the club” should tell you something.”


“Couple goals ???????????????????????? baba na mai Dziva.”


“Siyai vakomana vachengetwe . Mukadzi is allowed to explore if she is the breadwinner.”

So, what is really going on between Olinda and Stunner? Are they just friends, or are they more than that? Are they trying to make Tytan jealous, or are they just having fun? And what about Tytan? Is he still in the picture, or has he moved on?

Let’s wait and see


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