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Drama As Kadoma Shop Closes Down For Passion Java To Buy A Doughnut And Drink


Drama As Kadoma Shop Closes Down For Passion Java To Buy A Doughnut And Drink

Controversial socialite Prophet Passion Java caused a stir in Kadoma last week after a Spar shop closed down for him to buy a doughnut and a drink.

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Passion Java Chaos In Kadoma

The flamboyant cleric, known for his lavish lifestyle and controversial antics, was greeted by a mob of fans and curious onlookers as he stepped out of his car. His bodyguards had to keep the crowd at bay as he made his way to the shop.

When he walked in the streets of Kadoma, fans kept chanting, yelling and cheering him as he grinned while surrounded by his aides. The cleric then decided to go to a nearby Spar shop and grab a doughnut and a fizzy drink.


In a video circulating online, the Spar shop had to close down temporarily to allow Passion Java to shop in peace. The eager fans waited at the shop entrance.

The shop security had to seal off the entrance to block the mob from entering and causing a commotion in the supermarket.



Passion Java, who is also an entrepreneur, music promoter and author, has been making headlines recently for his association with Zimbabwean President Emerson Mnangagwa.

He claims to have a close relationship with the president and has been seen wearing a scarf with the Zimbabwean flag, a signature accessory of Mnangagwa. He has also been involved in various philanthropic activities, such as donating food hampers and bicycles to people in need.


Zimbos Pour Scorn

Social media users expressed mixed reactions to the video of a spar shop closing for Passion Java.


“Anga achingodawo zvake attention yacho, angadai atuma Jayden uyo kuti amutengere iye osara mumota!”


“Problem haisi ya Java asi those people following him.”


“????????????asi chiii nhai mwari nenyika yedu?”


“Varume vananiko ava ????????kuswerefudza umwe mkono ukuda kuzvifurirao hawo tavagai mari not Java mheni ????”


“Ini ndinofunga kuti kune nyika two dzinonzi Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe one yandakakurira ine vanhu kwawo kozoita imwewo Zimbabwe inori kuitwa mashura atiri kuona.”


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