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Fatal WhatsApp Setup: Businessman Axed To Death At Lover’s Home


Fatal WhatsApp Setup: Businessman Axed To Death At Lover’s Home

In a shocking incident that unfolded on Sunday in Tafira village under Chief Mashayamombe, a 67-year-old businessman, Abia Vimbai Mapininga, met a brutal end when he was axed to death and had his legs chopped off.

The gruesome attack was reportedly motivated by allegations of an affair with a gold panner’s wife, Sharon Dzama.

WhatsApp Chat Leads to Brutal Murder

The tragic chain of events began when Doubt Dzama, Sharon’s husband, discovered affectionate messages on his wife’s cellphone and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Seizing the opportunity, Dzama posed as his wife on WhatsApp and initiated a conversation with Mapininga, pretending to be Sharon.

“Vimbai had been bedding Sharon for some time. He would visit her at night whenever Dzama was away gold panning. Residents tipped Dzama and he returned unexpectedly and took his wife’s mobile phone. Abia was lured to the house and, when he entered, Dzama struck him on the head with an axe and also off chopped his legs,” revealed an insider source.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the horrifying murder and urged the public not to resort to vigilantism. He stressed the importance of allowing law enforcement to handle such matters:

“Police are investigating a murder that took place in Tafira village under Chief Mashayamombe.

” The deceased was reported to have left his home at around 9 pm. He told his wife that he was going to the shops, but instead went to visit his married lover. Upon arrival, he found his lover with her husband and the two fought, and the deceased was struck with an axe. He was rushed to a clinic and pronounced dead upon arrival. The accused person was reported to have informed the kraal head and disappeared.”


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