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Japanese man spends over US$20,000 to become a dog and takes first walk in public


29th July 2023 – (Tokyo) Toco, a Japanese man whose lifelong dream was to become an animal, recently made headlines for fulfilling his dream by spending over $20,000 on a hyperrealistic border collie costume. Toco, whose real name is unknown, was captured in a surreal video being taken out for a walk on a leash, sniffing at other dogs in a park, and rolling around on the floor. Despite the unusual sight, Toco’s grand debut seemed to be well-received by passers-by and other dogs, who appeared curious.

According to updates shared with his almost 30,000 YouTube subscribers, Toco had been playing in his backyard on all fours and performing tricks in exchange for treats. However, his recent adventure into the public eye was his first time revealing his new look outside the confines of his home. The $22,000 costume, created by the Japanese company Zeppet, took 40 days to make and reproduces the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs.

In a pair of surreal videos posted on his YouTube channel “I want to be an animal,” Toco was seen being walked on a leash and interacting with other dogs in a park. Despite the hyperrealistic costume, it wasn’t clear whether the other dogs realized that Toco wasn’t a natural-born dog. Toco’s canine dreams began when he was just a little child, and he fulfilled his lifelong desire to become an animal by becoming a rough collie.

Toco’s decision to hide his human identity stems from his desire not to be judged by people he knows. “I don’t want my hobbies to be known, especially by the people I work with. They think it’s weird that I want to be a dog. For the same reason why I can’t show my real face,” Toco told the Daily Mail last year. “I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird,” he said in a separate interview with The Mirror.

Toco’s decision to become a dog may seem unusual, but it’s not uncommon. There are many people around the world who have similar desires to become animals. The condition is called species dysphoria or species identity disorder, and it’s a rare psychological disorder that causes an individual to believe that they are a different species.

Toco’s recent outing has sparked a debate on social media, with many people questioning the ethics of dressing up as an animal and living out one’s fantasies. While Toco’s desire to become a dog may seem harmless, it raises significant ethical and moral concerns. One of the primary concerns is the welfare of animals. Dressing up as an animal and living like one can be seen as degrading and disrespectful to animals.

Despite the controversy surrounding Toco’s decision, he has become somewhat of a sensation on social media, with many people following his journey and eagerly awaiting his next adventure. Toco has also become somewhat of a spokesperson for those who feel different and ostracized by society. His decision to pursue his dreams despite the judgment and ridicule of others is a testament to his strength and determination

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