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Maid Exposed By Hidden Camera After Stealing US$36 000 From Employer In Theft Spree


In a shocking turn of events, a 43-year-old maid, Bertha Zandonda, is facing serious allegations of stealing cash and property amounting to a staggering US$36 000 from her employer. The incident, which has left the community astounded, sheds light on the importance of vigilant measures when it comes to protecting personal belongings.

CCTV Footage Uncovers Brazen Theft
Zandonda’s alleged theft spree reportedly took place between May and July, during which she is accused of making off with clothes, jewelry, gadgets, groceries, and cash from her employer. The employer, suspecting foul play, initiated a personal audit that revealed a shocking loss of US$23,000 worth of items, including US$13,000 in cash.

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Secret Camera Installment Turns the Tide
H-Metro reports that on August 1, the employer took matters into her own hands and installed a hidden camera in her bedroom. The breakthrough came when the employer, upon reviewing the CCTV footage, witnessed Zandonda in the act of stealing an additional US$40 in cash. Swiftly, law enforcement was alerted to the matter.

Trail of Stolen Goods Leads to Arrest
The police wasted no time in apprehending Zandonda on August 9 for questioning. During the interview, she disclosed the whereabouts of some of the stolen goods, which were found at her residence and her siblings’ home. A stash of US$440 in cash, clothing items, and bottles of whiskey were among the recovered items.

Legal Proceedings and Flight Risk
Zandonda appeared in court over the weekend, where she was not required to enter a plea. The State opposed granting her bail on the grounds that she was in the process of preparing documents for travel to the UK, raising concerns that she might flee before the trial. The complainant, meanwhile, positively identified her belongings at the police station, further bolstering the case against the accused.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of security measures in one’s own home and raises awareness about the potential risks of employing individuals with access to personal spaces and valuables. As the legal proceedings unfold, the community remains captivated by the dramatic turn of events surrounding Bertha Zandonda’s alleged theft spree.


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