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Shocking Revelations Surface: Olinda Chapel Breaks Silence on Juju Allegations and Murder Claims


In a stunning turn of events, renowned social media sensation Olinda Chapel has taken the internet by storm with a bombshell revelation, shedding light on alleged attempts to control her through mystical means of juju charms. Olinda also said that these same people were trying to kill her in order to control her wealth. Speaking out during a live video session on Monday, Olinda Chapel provided insights into the controversy surrounding her tumultuous relationships.

Unmasking the Manipulation and Juju Allegations

Olinda Chapel made waves as she confessed that she had been the target of sinister machinations orchestrated to manipulate her into parting with her hard-earned money. However, she shocked the world by pointing out that her ex-husband, Stunner, was not involved in these plots against her. Addressing the issue with candour, she affirmed,

“Dziva munhu akayita girlfriend, vakazvarisana negirlfriend vakaita zvavakaita. Dziva havana kumbobvira vandibatira mushonga. Dziva havana kumbobvira vada kundiuraya. Havana kumbobvira vakada kuyita zvinhu zvakapusa kudaro.”

She also insisted that Stunner’s relatives never did anything sinister towards her and alleged that they still love her.

“Hama dzavo hadzina kuda kumbobvira dzakauya mumba mangu dzichisiya dzagadzika zvadzino gatsika mumba mangu. They never did that. Vanhu vekwaChideme vanondida up until today vandida zvekudaro.”

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Adultery and Cheating: Olinda’s Stand

In a candid moment, Olinda Chapel tackled the topic of adultery and cheating, which had previously been at the forefront of controversies surrounding her personal life. She expressed a surprising perspective, emphasizing her willingness to address these issues maturely.

“Chihure tinogona kutaurirana toregererana but zvinhu zvekuti zvinosiya vana vangu vatatu vave nherera, vasina amai, pamusaka pekuti munehunjgire.” [While adultery is a challenge we can navigate and overcome, but leaving one’s children without a mother, leaving them vulnerable, is unforgivable]” Olinda firmly asserted.


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