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The reason why Cyan Boujee’s tlof tlof video got leaked


Even though South African DJ, Prince Kaybee distanced himself from Cyan Boujee’s leaked intimate video, the 21-year-old DJ boldly claimed it was the muso and she also opened up about their relationship.

No doubt in the backdrop of Cyan Boujee’s recent comments on her leaked video on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Prince Kaybee has seen himself topping trends for the wrong reasons.

Cyan Boujee made it known that she was in a relationship with Kaybee, and the muso demanded to record the video.

The DJ said: “So, this happened two years ago and it was with Prince Kaybee.”

She has it that the incident happened two years ago when she was only 19, and Kaybee was the first celebrity she slept with.

However, she made it known that she has had a good relationship with Kaybee over the years, and they would occasionally meet up and support each other career-wise.

Cyan Boujee has it that the two seemingly had a fallout that led to the video being leaked. She has it that when the video leaked, she had to get hold of Prince Kaybee first; however, she was ignored.

The bubble influencer and DJ made it known that the leak was planned, and their alleged fallout might be why the video made rounds on social media.

She has it that Prince Kaybee was mad because she told him to pay her for her marketing services.

“[In] our last conversation he wanted me to promote his wine or some type of whiskey, and I had to charge him, he was so mad… I think it’s really his intention because if it wasn’t, he was going to respond and say it was a mistake,” said Cyan Boujee.

However, she found it strange that the muso failed to address the issue publicly and instead went on to drop and promote his music. On the other hand, Cyan Boujee’s management earlier this week revealed that the DJ has yet to consider whether to take legal action.

A few days ago, Prince Kaybee said he would sue the DJ for fingering him into her leaked video woes.


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