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From Savior to Unemployed: Woman Loses Job After Selfless Kidney Donation to Boss


Stevenson didn’t need much convincing. Her agreement to donate her kidney wasn’t driven by job security or financial gains. (Image: Freepik)

The old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” holds true in the story of a woman who generously decided to gift one of her organs to her boss.

One might have anticipated the boss to be overflowing with gratitude after the woman’s life-saving act.

But in a surprising twist, this selfless woman found herself out of a job after donating a kidney.

Years have passed, yet the tale remains like a lingering, unwelcome meme – a constant reminder that even the noblest actions can take unexpected turns.

Allegations and Legal Battles: Seeking Justice for an Unfair Dismissal
Back in 2012, Stevenson took her concerns to the New York State Human Rights Commission, claiming that her boss, Jackie Brucia, had essentially taken advantage of her kidney donation and then callously dismissed her from her job as if she had served her purpose.

In an interview with ABC News at that time, she described the post-surgery change in her boss:

“After the surgery, she turned into this whole different person – mean, heartless, treating me like I was beneath her. It’s hard to even find words to capture how badly she treated me… She’d yell at me for things I didn’t do and went to extremes, she wouldn’t even let me step away from my desk.”

She further explained,

“It’s like she hired me solely to snag my kidney.“

A Bitter Twist in the Story of Sacrifice: Woman Loses Job After Donating Kidney

Stevenson used to work at the same car dealership as Brucia, but she left in 2010 to move to Florida. She returned to New York later that year to visit her daughter.

During her visit, she dropped by the dealership to catch up with former colleagues, only to learn about Brucia’s health problems. Brucia casually mentioned the possibility of needing Stevenson’s kidney someday.

It’s worth noting that individuals in need of kidney donations often suffer from ESRD, a result of various factors including chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure, genetic conditions, infections, or other kidney-related issues.

For many with ESRD, kidney transplantation is the most effective and sometimes the only viable treatment.

Stevenson’s decision to donate her kidney wasn’t motivated by job security or financial gain. Her compassion drove her – she couldn’t bear the thought of Brucia losing her life.

As fate would have it, Stevenson returned to Long Island a few months later. During her visit, she approached Brucia about the possibility of regaining her old job – a kidney for a job, if you will.

However, upon Stevenson’s return to work after the kidney surgery, things took a disconcerting turn. Instead of warm greetings, she found herself demoted.

Everything changed when Stevenson sought legal assistance. Swiftly, within a week of her lawyer’s involvement, she was fired. A tough blow – no job and only half a kidney.


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