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Mai TT Vonyorera Cat Family Tsamba Kubva KuChikuribhu Ndiri Mupenyu Asi Jeri Rakakaoma Handizvipamhe


Helo from the other side?it’s been a while. How you been? Back here im getting stronger by the day. Can’t explain how I miss you guys but I know soon will be together again . Like I said before will tell you all about it when I come live lol ???? the good ,bad,and the ugly part of prison. Today wanna talk about the good part ,when you come here you are given chores to do ,eg gardening, poultry,sewing,firewood,etc.We wake up and we do our chores after that we sit ???? all day with nothing to do.

I learned how to make beautiful,unique, strong bags made from Macram thread ???? . I replaced my sleepless nights with that Macram thread,making those bags below ???? is not easy since the thread is hard but I thought this will help me generate money for my kids outside. You know I do not want to burden anyone with paying fees and taking care of my kids that’s why I’m making these bags. The big ones are going for $60 and the small ones and sling bags are $30 . Those who are coming to visit me can tell you how my hands are sore from making these bags. Every week I make about 6 bags and wasu collects them to sell them. Kindly support my new hustle and buy these bags . I wanted to come out and advertise them on my own but then again I thought Schools Are going to open soon I need to pay fees for my kids.i don’t want to burden people I know things are hard for everyone. Call wasu on 0773633381 and order yours, thank you


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