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Police Explains Why Unidentified Men Attempted To Take Away CCC Spokesperson During A Media Briefing


Police Explains Why Unidentified Men Attempted To Take Away CCC Spokesperson During A Media Briefing
The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has explained why unidentified men with unmarked cars attepted to take away CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi during a media briefing.

This morning, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) invited the media to SAPES Trust offices in Milton Park, Harare, and informed them about alleged attacks on its members across the country after the Harmonised General Elections on 23 August 2023.

Former Tajamuka Activist Promise Mkwananzi Steps Into The Spotlight As CCC National Spokesperson
At the address broadcast by the media, three men stormed the podium, while one of them dressed in a grey US Army hoodie grabbed Mkwananzi’s speech and attempted to snatch him away.

As he tussled with Mkwananzi, journalists present and CCC officials swiftly confronted the man, circling him to expose his face and asking, “Who are you?”

The “police officers” retreated backwards and CCC officials trapped them. Watch the startling video below.

Our Party press conference was disrupted today by unamed men
Here is the time when it happened pic.twitter.com/NSZgFoHgbZ

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has explained the chilling incident. In a statement shared on Twitter, ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said:

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that Promise Dalubuhle Mkwananzi is being sought in connection with a warrant of arrest issued by Harare Magistrate Court on 22nd April 2020 for defaulting court proceedings.

“Promise Dalubuhle Mkwananzi is facing incitement to commit public violence charges under Harare Central CR2627/07/19 and Harare Public Prosecutor reference 11394/2020.”

CCC Responds to The Attempted Arrest Of Promise Mkwananzi
The opposition party condemned the incident, pointing fingers at ZANU PF:

“The disruptive team arrived in three vehicles: a Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, and Toyota Hilux. Their purpose was to disrupt our peaceful press conference. We strongly condemn this unacceptable violent behavior by ZANU PF thugs. It is disheartening to note that while they held their own press conferences without disturbance, our event was targeted. Furthermore, the involvement of law enforcement in leading this group is both sad and regrettable.”

ZANU PF has not yet responded to these allegations.

Why Police Issued The Warrant Of Arrest For New CCC Spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi

CCC Promise Mkwananzi Police
2019 Arrest Following Violent Protests [Image: Twitter]

Promise Mkwananzi is the former leader of the pressure group #Tajamuka/Sesijikile.

He has been arrested multiple times, the first time being in 2016 following the Shutdown organised in collaboration with Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag Campaign.

In August 2019, Mkhwananzi, was arrested following the January 2019 fuel price hike protests which became violent, resulting in the death of 17 people after the army opened fire on demonstrators.

As the case was heard, the Harare Magistrate Court issued a warrant of arrest on 22 April 2020 because Mkwananzi defaulted court proceedings


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