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Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey caught cheating on him with their bodyguard and private chef


News popping up from Hollywood has it that Marjorie Harvey, wife of Comedian and TV Show host, Steve Harvey has been daughter cheating on him with his bodyguard and private chef.

Unconfirmed sources has it that, Majorie after being found guilty of cheating is seeking for a divorce and a share of Steve Harvey’s $400 million worth.

Steve Harvey is a wealthy, global icon and a good Husband who holds his wife in high Esteem. He is known to counsel couples on his award winning show, The Family Feud.

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This latest update comes as a shock to many who loves and cherish the couple for their couple goals and fashion sense as they pair along always.

Steve cheated on his ex-wife with Marjorier, the lady moved on. Marjorie hired a cousin’s lawyer for his sugar baby to block his ex-wife from getting even with him in court.

In 2021, Marjorie told the world that she has elephant bedroom energy and Steve is now boring in the bedroom department.

Marjorie was a side chic and Steve was cheating his ex with her. Netizens claim Steve is being served the meal he served his ex-wife.

Marjorie said she was still in need of hotter men!


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