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Video:Identified Men Disrupted CCC Press Conference !


PROMINENT Activist, Promise Mkwananzi Now CCC Party Spokesperson
There was chaos in Milton Park, Harare when unidentified men disrupted a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) press conference.

In a video that is currently circulating on social media, Promise Mkwananzi, the national spokesperson for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), was interrupted during a media address when a man approached the podium and forcefully took his speech.

Chaos erupted as the focus shifted from Mkwananzi to the man, causing some individuals to question the man’s identity and intentions.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) released an update on the security situation in the country, assuring the nation that it is “normal and peaceful.”

They said the police are engaged in maintaining law and order through a combination of motorized and foot patrols.

These patrols cover a wide range of areas, including the Central Business Districts, residential neighborhoods, industrial zones, and other locations.


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