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WATCH VIRAL VIDEO:The Buba Girl Toto Tiktok Cast Viral Video, esther raphael footage sparks outrage on internet


This is to inform you that a video of The Buba Girl has leaked on the internet. The Buba Girl is a popular TikTok star. Her real name is Esther Raphael but she is best known by her stage name The Buba Girl. She is a Nigerian social media personality who is currently making headlines because of her filthy mistake that has caused a stir and left her followers shocked and saddened. People who follow her on TikTok did not expect this kind of mistake from her. But that’s the way cookie crumbles sometimes. Now, The Buba Girl’s leaked video has become one of the hottest subjects on the internet provoking people to take over their social media handles and react to her viral video. If you are scrambling to the internet regarding the same, this article will let you know everything that you need to know. Keep reading this article for more details.

Buba Girl Viral Video


Buba Girl Viral Video

Popular Nigerian TikTok star The Buba Girl aka Esther Raphael is currently feeling the heat of criticism and people’s backlash over her leaked video. In fact, Esther Raphael made herself a theatrical spectacle after a leaked video. How did the video get leaked? Reports have suggested that Esther Raphael aka The Buba Girl was streaming live when she showcased explicit scenes. Yes, the ongoing video is a part of her livestream. Swipe down the page and read more details.



The Calabar TikTok creator suddenly came live on TikTok while ma*turbating. The face and private part of the TikToker was clearly visible on the screen. As she is followed by millions of people on social media, every time thousands of people keep an eye on her activities. When she came live during her pleasure time, innumerable people watched the shocking moments live on their phones. Meanwhile, they captured the screen and saved it in their local drives. Now those explicit images and videos showing Esther Raphael ma*turbating during the live stream, are going viral on the internet causing a stir and sparking a controversy. Has the Calabar TikToker reacted to her leaked video? You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page and learn more information


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