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Y2K Entertainment Promotions Speaks Up About JP And Makhadzi Being Sabotaged


Y2K Entertainment Promotions Speaks Up About JP And Makhadzi Being Sabotaged
Y2K Entertainment Promotions has released a statement addressing the issues that occurred during the Africa Music Festival UK, leading to dissatisfaction among performers and attendees. The organizers apologised for the limited performance time given to Winky D, Makhadzi, and Jah Prayzah.

They said various factors, including an accident, weather conditions, and security breaches, disrupted the schedule and affected sound checks. Read the statement:

Y2K Entertainment Promotions have issued a statement Africa Music Festival UK to explain what really transpired and left Winky D, Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah failing to perform for the expected time. The confusion left Jah Prayzah and South African singer, Makhadzi fuming after they performed for only twenty minutes each instead of one each. In a statement, Y2K Entertainment Promotions who organised the event said:

We would like to begin by saying a big thank you to all those who attended The Africa Music Festival this past weekend and supported us. The event was well attended and this this came with challenges. This was our first outdoor Y2K family event and admit there are areas we need to improve on and reflect fully on changes that need to be made for all future Y2K events.

Regrettably Saintfloew was unable to attend due to health reasons and we were alerted by his management just a few days before the event. We would like to wish Sainfloew a speedy recovery and hope that when his health improves he will be the grace future Y2K events.

The issue that disappointed most was not having enough time for Winky D, Makhadzi and Jah Prayzah. For those who have attended our previous events they are aware that our time keeping has always been impeccable. However, for this event time was affected due to a number of reasons.

There was a major accident on Friday 25/08/23 on M1 involving the lorry that was carrying our festival stage and this took hours to replace as they had to bring another stage from Leeds which led to the sound check planned for that evening being cancelled. The production team did not have enough time to work within the 9pm curfew set in licensing conditions as part of noise pollution management.

Therefore the sound check was moved to Saturday, 26/08/23 the day of the show and we had 7 live bands to accommodate and that put the whole event on the back foot. On the day of the event we had the issue of sudden massive showers and that triggered a power cut and we just had to accept and allow nature to take its course and again we lost vital time.

We also had a fan who had a drone and again this was a banned item from licensing conditions and a security breach – taking into account the venue is located next to HM Prison and gain we lost vital time when set plays were stopped and at that point it became impossible to manage the last three artists who all wanted to give it their all.

The park itself as a music venue had its on challenges taking into account its location in the city. We welcome all feedback good and bad as this is the only way we can improve the service that we offer to our customers. We have so far received feedback areas that require improvement such as children facilities, VVIP, VIP, bars, water supply and go cashless but overall the event was safe and finished with no major incident.

We keep encouraging our valued customers to buy tickets online in advance to help us plan and avoid challenges that we faced at the park entrance.

We apologise for the issues raised above. However, we are looking forward to a better event next year embracing other African nations from South, East and West to give the feel for Africa Music Festival UK and once again we would like to thank all those who have supported us over the years


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