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Dzivarasekwa Prophet Caught Red-Handed By His Wife Bonking Inside The Car


Prophet Caught Red-Handed in Car Tryst by Fuming Wife

A self-styled prophet from Dzivarasekwa faces accusations of an extramarital affair after being caught red handed by his wife in his car. Sarafina Makota shared this distressing incident during a court hearing at the Harare Civil Court, where she was facing accusations of emotional and verbal abuse from Rebecca Sanali.

Protection Order Dismissed Due to Lack of Evidence

The court dismissed the protection order requested by Sanali, citing a lack of evidence to support her claims. Sarafina Makota informed the court about Rebecca’s alleged mockery regarding her infertility and her attempts to seduce Sarafina’s husband in hopes of conceiving a child.

Caught in the Act

Sarafina made a shocking revelation, stating, “I caught her having se£ with my husband in his car, and she admitted to the affair.” According to Sarafina, her husband apologized for his shameful actions and even went as far as changing his SIM card to avoid further contact with Rebecca.

“My husband apologised, he even broke his old sim card to avoid her,” stated Sarafina.

Desperate for a Child

Rebecca persistently pursued Sarafina’s husband, begging him to impregnate her due to Sarafina’s inability to conceive. Sarafina, who claimed she was not involved with Rebecca’s husband, emphasized that she was being falsely accused.

Accusations and Insults

Sarafina alleged that Rebecca resorted to insulting her whenever they crossed paths in the neighborhood. Rebecca went so far as to approach Sarafina’s relatives, insulting them and demanding Sarafina’s personal belongings to use for bewitching her, reported hmetro.

Dismissal of the Application

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed Rebecca’s application for a protection order, reasoning that she failed to provide substantial evidence of abuse. The court highlighted that bold accusations without supporting evidence were insufficient to establish the veracity of Rebecca’s claims.


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