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23-Year-Old Man Assaulted For Touching His Mother’s Privɑtǝ Pɑrts


A 23-year-old Dzivarasekwa man was Beaten up for touching his mother’s privɑtǝ pɑrts while in a drunken state.

Tendai Kasaira was reported to have taken some illicit drugs and touched the privɑtǝ pɑrts of his 55-year-old mother, Shelter Chimhepo.

Shelter told source that she engaged one Chigangaidze, and his colleague, to beat Tendai over his bizarre act.

Tendai had both his hands tied with a wire on a Musau tree and was soundly beaten by two men hired by his mother. He sustained swollen hands and some bruises on his body.

“Tendai has become a nuisance to me,” said Shelter. He only misbehaves when his father is away.

“He has been stealing some money I realise from vending so as to buy illicit beers.

“I ended up lodging a police report against him, he was arrested and imprisoned.

“We were using two rooms and I ended up renting one room while he was serving his sentence.”

She added:

“Upon his release, we had nowhere to accommodate him and he used to sleep at his friend’s house.

“I am not aware of where he has been sleeping for the past few days. On the day in question, he assaulted me and I engaged two men who dealt with him heavily.

“Kubva paazvambaradzwa ipapo mazuva matatu apera aya haasikunetsa.”

Tendai, popularly known as Tindo in Dzivarasekwa 2, is an ex-convict. Chigangaidze and his colleague guard vehicles at a community car park


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