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“Jah Prayzah Zvakwana!” DJ’s Property Seized Over $1,080 Debt Debacle


In a surprising turn of events, David Masomere, the DJ turned master of ceremony, widely known for his “Jah Prayzah Zvakwana” fame had his property seized this week over an unpaid debt of $1,080 for a PA system and audio equipment he rented for several high-profile Zanu PF events.

The DJ who is well known for his role as a master of ceremonies at 11 of President Mnangagwa’s rallies, including the presidential inauguration, has found himself embroiled in a legal battle over  the debt of $1,080.

Debt Dispute Escalates

David Masomere, widely recognized for his association with the catchphrase “Jah Prayzah zvakwana,” also holds a teaching position at Ndarama High.

According to the Masvingo Mirror, Masomere rented the PA system from Meldwin-Tech Investments, a company owned by Simbarashe Edwin Mupakamiso for 11 rallies featuring President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Despite the exposure, Masomere failed to pay Mupakamiso for the equipment rental.  This led Mupakamiso to take legal action to recover the debt.

The Court Battle

However, Masomere argued in court that he should not be held accountable for the debt, citing Mupakamiso’s affiliation with the ruling Zanu PF party.

Masomere suggested that both he and Mupakamiso expected some form of appreciation from the party in the future, implying that the debt could be perceived as a token of gratitude.

Simbarashe Edwin Mupakamiso, on the other hand, maintained that the transaction was purely a business deal and should not be intertwined with politics.

He emphasized that the debt issue should be resolved solely based on the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the PA system rental.

The case went to the Masvingo civil court, where the judge ultimately ruled in favour of Mupakamiso and ordered Masomere to pay the $1,080 plus interest.

When The “Jah Prayzah Zvakwana” DJ  still failed to pay, the court authorized the seizure of his property. This week, police officers arrived at Masomere’s home to claim his refrigerator, TV, lounge set and other possessions.

Community Reaction

The debt dispute between Masomere and Mupakamiso has sparked discussions among the local community, particularly among those who admire Masomere’s work as a DJ and master of ceremony.

Some have voiced their support for Masomere, believing that his involvement in political rallies warrants special considerations, while others argue that business transactions should remain impartial.


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