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GWERU BOMBSHELL; Top retail shop supervisor caught in s-x scandal


A ROW over how an employee was sacked at a leading retail outlet in Gweru has lifted the lid on an ad=lterous affair with her supervisor in which she got the job after only submitting to his s-xual demands.

A leaked audio of her explosive conversation with her boss appears to suggest that a number of other female employees were also caught up in the s-x-for-favours scandal.

The man in the eye of the storm has been named as Abel Chikanya.

The employee was sacked, along with others, after they were accused of theft from their workplace.

Local news is in possession of a 34-minute audio phone recording between the married female employee and Chikanya.

Contacted for comment, Chikanya hung up his phone once the journalists introduced themselves.

In the audio conversation, Chikanya is questioned for not protecting the married victim from being fired or just warning her of the impending dismissal.

She even suggests that he should have used his power to help her get transferred to sister outlets in Kwekwe or Zvishavane.

“I thought you would protect us, makatiregerera shuwa. Ndimi maifanira kumira mira sababa zvee,” she says.

“But vakaita sesu taifanira kupihwa warning. It’s painful, since you chased all the women from the department, are you going to look after us?

“We want to be catered for.”

He responded that the issue was beyond his control and was handled by his superiors at work.

“It’s very tricky dai isiri issue yekuti yanga isina GM mukati zvaigona kuita,” he said.

“He emphasised that, there should be fairness and transparency.”

The woman then reveals that she feels pained by the way she got the job and said her husband also had his suspicions.

“The way I got the job is the same way I have been chased away. I didn’t get this job feya feya ka, pane zvakaitika kuti ndiriwane, zvozivikanwa nemi tiri two.

“Ndongozviranyaradza, asi (murume) kumba akandiudza mashoko ndikavhunduka ndikati asi anoporofita.

“He said to me that he suspected kuti basa iri ndakariwana zvisirizvo. He said I got this job through other means, ndosaka wabuda zvisirizvo. Akati rimwe zuva muchandiudza henyu.

“So, I just told myself that if this man discovers how I got this job, ndiri pama one. I just tell myself that if he gets to know about this, he will kill me.

“Mawaniro andakaita basa iri ndomabudiro andiri kungoita. Asi basa richabva kunaMwari richagara nekusingaperi.”

She added:

“I didn’t want all this to affect our relationship. If you have someone, Abel, even ukanzwa kuti auraya munhu, unomira mira haumurase, but imimi makati nyaya iyi haina basa.

“There were so many ways to save me, there was supposed to be some favours since you gave me this job through a favour.

“But, you never protected me, I have never told anyone about what you do, that you sleep with other employees.

“I protected you kusvika nhasi, I could have said that there is s.xual abuse at this workplace. Manga mafininhiwa neni hameno.

“You can take this lightly but it’s not easy to lose a job bamukuru.”

Abel responded:

“If you remember the discussion yatakaita, it’s important we talk about some things which happen at work.

“When we started this, we didn’t know it will get to this. The issue was now in the GM’s hands.

“Ndanzwisisa and I have learnt something from this.”

The victim threatened the supervisor that he never proposed to him but instead molested her.

“Don’t think this is a small issue that you are my manager but we have an affair in which we see each other.

“You protect munhu, but pafair chaipo, imimi hamuna kumbondiudza kuti munondida.

“Makangotanga nekundibata, kundigwajura, ndikanzwisisa, mukandipinza basa but at this situation you decided to dump me.

“Or manga mane zvinyowani or you took advantage that we are not able to tell our husbands about such issues.

“I protect you and hid everything. Nekuti nyaya yekuita madhiri nemi yanga iri nyaya yekuda basa not something to do with love because when it comes to love tinenge tichinyeperana.

“You have never done anything to me to show that you love me or even pay rentals to show that I am yours and you love me.

“I feel used, kuti Abel used me, kuti Mr Chikanya used me, mukaguta, makawana zvamaida panguva iyoyo.

“And you just decided to dump me, you could have called me on the day that pane zviri kuitika kubasa.

“You should have transferred me, but you ignored me, and it’s eating me up. I thought you would make a plan for me, vanhu vasingazive but you showed kuti you don’t care.”

She added:

“You were no longer responding to my communication. There are some girls who are crying foul.

“There is another one who is saying you took her from somewhere and now you dumping her after a few months at work.

“I am even lying to my husband, lying after lying because saying the truth now is difficult until the matter is finalised.

“People are talking, no one is safe, I am now afraid of you but if you feel that you are safe and clean, its fine.

“But kana muchiziva kuti munhu chinhu chamaita, vana vari kutaura kunze uku.

“People have evidence, so pakaipa. Ndaona mandifonera kuti mainini ndakadzingwa basa.

“Musazoti handina kukuudzai.

“For the mean time, I am taking it as kuti you failed to protect me. I have lost everything, dignity chaiyo handisisina, izvezvi ndakanyepa kuti ndakapihwa leave dze21 days.

“Don’t play with this ama2k generation, siyanani nayo iyi, mungafunge kuti makavadzinga zvaenderana ka.

“You have to sack everyone from the work and start afresh otherwise pakashata, vana vakatsamwa.

“What I am hearing out there is not good for you. We will read you in the newspaper soon because mune dziri kupisa and you will leave your family in trouble.”

He admitted everything.

“I am hearing everything you are saying. Hazvisirizvo, iko kusimba chaiko ndanga ndisati and I understand, ndatodzidzawo ipapo but I called you without you texting.

“It doesn’t mean I cut communication and I had pressure and everything.

“I have also learnt, but handina kukurasai and if you can give me information on what they are saying about me.”


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