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Mutare Man Axes Wife To D3ath In Front Of Kids


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Opens Tuckshop as Wife Lies Dead in Their Bedroom
In a shocking incident that has left the community of Hobhouse in Mutare reeling, a man brutally axed his wife to death while their two young children watched in horror.

The gory crime took place two weeks ago, but the details are still haunting residents.

Innocent Mujeni (39) struck his wife, Vimbai Muchinganwa (38), multiple times with an axe, inflicting fatal injuries just below her left ear and on her neck. The couple’s seven-year-old daughter and five-year-old son witnessed the horrifying act.

Unrepentant Actions
Despite his heinous crime, Mujeni shamelessly carried on with his daily routine. The next morning, he even served customers at their tuckshop while his wife’s lifeless body lay covered in blankets in their bedroom.

Neighbours Share Their Accounts
The Manica Post reports that Esther Makota, the wife of Mujeni’s brother, revealed that Mujeni had spent the entire day before the incident alone in an unfinished cottage on the property. Makota, who lived next door, heard the children crying but assumed the situation had been resolved. Little did she know the tragedy that had unfolded.

“The next day, I saw him opening their tuckshop and serving some customers. I asked him about his wife’s whereabouts, and he said she had gone to Chikanga Market. Later, he closed the tuckshop, claiming he needed to buy a pick and a shovel for moulding bricks in his rural home.”

A Disturbing Discovery
When the children returned home from their grandmother’s place, they confided in Makota. They revealed that their father had attacked their mother with an axe. Alarmed, Makota immediately reported the incident to the police. Authorities arrived at the scene but couldn’t gain access to the house without close relatives present.

Ms. Muchinganwa’s mother, Mrs. Jessica Muchinganwa, arrived later and forcefully opened the door. To their horror, they found the body covered with blankets, with crates of eggs and groceries carefully arranged on top to conceal the gruesome truth.

Troubled Past and Marital Strife
According to Makota, Mujeni had a troubled past, having previously spent time in prison for murder and fraud. The couple’s relationship was marred by constant fights, often triggered by Mujeni’s misuse of funds from their tuckshop.

He would demand money for alcohol and drugs, leading to frequent clashes with his wife, who resisted his demands.

Traumatized Children Speak Out
The traumatized seven-year-old daughter, who witnessed the brutal murder, shared her heart-wrenching account:

“My father was drunk when he came home that night. He became violent, and my mother tried to restrain him. He silenced her by stuffing cloth into her mouth. My sibling and I started crying, and our father threatened us with the axe, ordering us to keep quiet. He struck my mother twice before instructing us to go to our grandmother’s house and not tell anyone about what had happened.”

Seeking Justice
Innocent Mujeni was apprehended by the authorities in Nyazura and has since appeared in court. Investigations into the tragic incident are ongoing.

This shocking act of domestic violence has left the community in disbelief and mourning the loss of Vimbai Muchinganwa. The innocent children who witnessed their mother’s brutal murder will carry the traumatic memories with them forever.


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