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Zimbabwean high school students s€x party gone wrong


The police in Bulawayo have initiated an inquiry into a Vuzu party that occurred in the Pumula South suburb on Friday.

Vuzu parties are notorious events where teenagers engage in excessive drinking, drug abuse, and participate in s€xual orgies.

The party under investigation involved 14 students from various schools.

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The police have confirmed the incident and are currently conducting further investigations.

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In a statement, the police said,

“Police in Bulawayo are investigating an incident in which 14 students, who were wearing different school uniforms, were found at a Vuzu party at a certain house in Pumula South on 15/07/23.

Cond0ms and empty containers of alcohol were recovered at the scene.”

Vuzu Parties And Their Impact
The prevalence of vuzu parties in Bulawayo and other major cities in Zimbabwe has raised significant concerns.

These clandestine gatherings, organized primarily by teenagers, are characterized by excessive drinking, drug abuse, and s£xual activities.

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They are often viewed as a form of rebellion against societal and parental constraints, offering young people an opportunity to engage in risky behaviors.

The Role Of Parenting And Education
However, some see these parties as a reflection of the neglect of teenagers’ needs by society and parents.

In an interview with a local publication, Dr. Mhlanga, a commentator on the issue, believes that teenagers are rebelling against an education system that does not provide them with opportunities to explore their full potential.

He suggests that it is crucial for parents and society to actively listen to the needs of young people and allocate resources to support their growth and development.


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