Home international news VIDEO:BREAKING: US $80m Jet Missing | Flying With No Pilot

VIDEO:BREAKING: US $80m Jet Missing | Flying With No Pilot


In a startling turn of events, a US F-35 fighter jet, valued at a staggering USD 80 million, has gone missing over South Carolina lakes after the pilot ejected during what appears to be an air mishap.

Shockingly, the aircraft continues to soar through the skies on autopilot, leaving military officials in a frantic search operation. The incident unfolded on Sunday, September 17, leaving military officials scrambling to locate and recover the aircraft. Joint facility Charleston is collaborating with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to address the “mishap” involving this state-of-the-art Marine Corps model. As the search intensifies, the public is urged to assist military authorities in recovery. US F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet Worth USD 80 Million Missing After Air Mishap Over South Carolina Lakes, Military Urges Public to Help Find Aircraft.


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