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Alick Macheso’s Daughter Crying Over Mjolo,Husband Cheats


Alick Macheso’s daughter, Stacy, has once again captured attention with a controversial post on social media.

Following the post, speculation arose among social media users, suggesting that her husband, artist Tanto Wavie, might be cheating on her.

Stacy wrote:

“Imagine being cheated on with a video vixen… But ma video grapher bho here nema models enyu…”

Below are some of the comments on Facebook.

Dube Rodwell

Saka uchaita yakaitwa Sisi yeku divorce kaa sezvo unenge wakufunga kunoyamwa zamu raAmai. Imba inoda hushingi kwete kungogara wakafudza Murume.

Adam Shumba

Tanto Wavie anetsa,apa anoimba ma love songs sei iye achishungurudza mukadzi.

Ngaatonyaradzwa hake nesong yababa vake yekuti “chero wandisiya ndirimupenyu”

This is not the first time Stacy has captured attention with criptic posts.

In a recent social media frenzy, Stacy caused a significant stir with her Instagram stories, shedding light on the struggles faced by women.

These controversial posts raised concerns about possible abuse within her own relationship with Tanto Wavie and sparked a wave of speculation among fans and followers.

In her heartfelt Instagram story, she expressed her frustration, saying,

“Being a woman is hard, you get abused physically and verbally but we’re told to stay.

“Being a woman is totally difficult.

“You ask for his phone and you get pushed and almost getting beaten.

“Being a woman is really a pain because you’re forced to accept his brother’s shouting at you whilst he is there doing nothing and I, as a woman, I’m tired of it.

“It is my fault that I am woman, do I really have to suffer all this because I am a woman?”

Stacy further shared her concerns about her daughter’s future, fearing that she might also experience similar hardships.

However, Stacy later deleted the Instagram story and clarified that her marriage with Tanto Wavie was not marred by abuse.

She expressed regret for the misunderstanding, stating,

“I love my husband, we fight here and there, but it doesn’t mean that I am being abused.”Tanto Wavie Cheats On Alick Macheso’s Daughter


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