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“Not Every Woman Is Desperate For Your Money”, Olinda Chapel Responds To Chivayo


Popular United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean entrepreneur Olinda Chapel has made shocking claims about flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

The two personalities have made a name for themselves as clout chasers on social media and it comes as no surprise that they are currently feuding.Recently, Olinda Chapel hung her marriage’s dirty linen in public and implied that her husband Tytan and his family were targeting her with mystical charms. She even got cosy with her ex-husband Stunner which fueled speculation that she and Tytan had gone their separate ways.

Wicknell Chivayo Offers Sarcastic Advice, Olinda Chapel Responds
Wicknell Chivayo took to Instagram and offered some advice to Tytan, encouraging him to stay strong, especially now that Olinda had proudly announced her completion of a law degree. Wicknell’s comment was a mix of sarcasm and support.

“Titan ramba wakashinga Mwari Avenue…Woti Exi ane zi bakatwa ari mudhuze, wonzi haana mari ndini ndinomuchengeta every day pa social media, wobva ipapo wonzi imbavha anondibira mari dzangu if all that is not enough hoyooo wane law degrees.

Nharo dzacho mumba imomo unochiona wozoti over confidence ye kuonda URI PA MA 1…Tozvisiira mumaoko aMwari,” Wicknell commented on Olinda’s announcement that she had finished her law degree.

Olinda Chapel, never one to stay silent, responded by making a startling revelation. She claimed that Wicknell Chivayo had once sent her messages, pleading to go down on her. She also suggested that he has a small manhood.

“I blocked you on my phone how many years ago for literally begging to go down on me. Should I pull those messages up? Not every woman is desperate for your money or small…” Olinda Chapel revealed.

To add fuel to the fire, Olinda alleged that Wicknell had financially supported an undisclosed woman’s cosmetic surgery and gifted her a car. She threatened to expose his secret to his wife.


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