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Mike Chimombe’s Dark side from Rituals to impregnating relatives


Zanu pf’s Mike chimombe born and raised in Chinhoyi seems to have some skeletons in his closet.The self proclaimed millionaire didn’t have a rosy upbringing in Chikonohono were he stayed with his cousins the Mazivanhanga after his parents separated.Before that he used to stay with his parents in white city at a house which had no electricity. His mother later passed away in South Africa after suffering from cancer.

Whats on peoples minds are questions as to whether Mike forgot how he grew up or his roots.His blood brother Nyasha Chimombe is a drunkard who is normally spotted at a bar called Pfungwa Dzakanaka

Nyasha Chimombe

Poverty is written all over Nyasha’s life and one wonders if he is really Mike Chimombe’s brother the millionaire socialite.Malvin his other brother is not having it easy either with life.he is a tout for taxis going to Chegutu were he is spotted daily

Malvin Chimombe

With such wealthy how is it possible that Mike Chimombe has forgotten the people he suffered with when they were growing up.One wonders if his wealthy is from occultism or witchcraft wereby certain rules are strictly followed.

Rumor has it that Mike Chimombe impregnated 3 women from the same family including his wife’s younger sister.his latest victim is a 17 year old Rihanna Ravat

Rihanna Ravat

Mike Chimombe’s wife Mitchell

Considering his background ,one would think that empowering his relatives and changing were he came from would be standard for him.its sad to note that the house he grew up in is the same up to this day.


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